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Color and Light in Pastel - by Maxwell Wilks

color in light and pastels

This is a DVD to entrance a more advanced student who would like to try a really different way of using pastels. Max’s work is alive with vibrant colour – so be adventurous – follow his tips – mix the most amazing colours – give his way a go. Maxwell Wilks travels to Whitby from where Captain Cook hailed. He works en Plein air, in pastel as he says the weather doesn’t affect them. He shows how to plot a small painting-how to build up layers of colour in his particular stroking manner- how to simplify a very busy scene and capture the essence of the subject on a small piece of black pastel paper.

Color Harmony for Luminous Pastels - by Colleen Howe

color harmony by colleen howe

This is an excellent DVD for the beginner, and indeed for the more advanced artist who wants to learn the secrets of getting their work to “sing”. Colleen is a very competent teacher and explains clearly so that the student can easily absorb the information she shares. Information ranges from:-

  • Types and brands of pastels that are needed for a good working kit.
  • How to arrange them – light to dark, warm to cool.
  • How to tackle en Plein air sketches – and turn them into colour studies.
  • Underpainting – with examples of how to get vibrant results.
  • Watch her do a complete painting from a colour sketch – from start to finish.