PSA Annual Awards 2018

PSA Annual Awards 2018

Pastellist of the Year and First in Scapes
"Reflecting in Paris" by Lyn Deifenbach

Outstanding example of pastel art; remarkable in every way. A unique image that definitely catches the eye.

Second in Scapes "Wet Day in Glasgow from a Bus" by Chris Blake

Lovely use of the medium to convey a rain-soaked day in Glasgow.  Fabulous use of mark-marking to express atmosphere and movement.

Third in Scapes "Heyson's Saplings by Karol Oakley

Traditional subject but beautifully handled; captured a beautiful sense of light

Highly Commended in Scapes "Sunset Byron Bay' by Lynette Ansari

Textured underpainting gives wonderful depth and expression.

Highly Commended in Scapes "The Burbs" by Jane Wray

A clever and unique way of looking at a street scene, a strong bold statement.

Commended in Scapes "Bribie Island" by Margaret Turner

Beautifully observed.

Commended in Scapes "Afternoon Whispers" by Rachel Cant

Captures the Australian Landscape at day's end.

First in People/Animals "The Inimitable Fleur Sullivan" by Tricia Taylor

Fantastic expression on the sitter, you feel you know her from the depiction. The artist captured the spirit and character of her subject.  Love the reflected light in the hand in the unfinished left corner.

Second in People/Animals "I Wear Glasses" by Genevieve Neale

Beautifully handled; masterful use of textures; capturing a fleeting moment in time; expressive mark-making

Third in People/Animals "Jordan and Maddie" by Paul Neale

Playful and interesting technique - talk about attitude.

Highly Commended in People/Animals "The Last Lap" by Tricia Reust 

What a story this painting tells. Love the gesture of the hands and the expression on the subject's face, clever use of past and present to tell this life story.

Highly Commended in People/Animals "Glory Days" by Hettie Rowley

Lovely layering of colour, captures the power of the beast.

Commended in People/Animals "Charlie's Mate" by Chris Blake

Bold use of pastel, full of life

Commended in People/Animals "Day Dreaming" by Louise Corke

Contemplative and beautifully rendered.

Commended in People/Animals "Samburu Chit Chat" by Gail Lusted

Lovely presence of the old and the new.

Highly Commended in People/Animals "A Quiet Soul" by Anne Yang

You can really see in to the heart of this portrait, insightful

First in Still Life "Sunflowers by Christine Clark

Beautiful lively colourful work, pleasing colour harmonies, so much to see and discover in this work.

Second in Still Life "Joy in the Desert" by Lyn Deifenbach

Lovely presence of the old and the new.

Third in Still Life "Top Shelf" by Karol Oakley

The texture allows for fascinating layering of colour - get close and enjoy!

Commended in Scapes "K’sarEl Khorbat, Tinjdad" by Maxine Thompson

Image not supplied​​​​

Alexandra Awards 2018

"Caught My Eye" - First "Heart of Pandanus" by Susanne Capewell

Eye catching exploration of the pandanus structure.

"Caught My Eye" - Second "A Split Second" by Angela Parr

Excellent composition and use of negative space, incredibly precise and detailed application.

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"Caught My Eye" - Third "The Pears At Claire's" by Jeanne Cotter

Wonderful point of view and exploration of shape.

"I Love It" - First "Malto Vivace" by Joanne Cotton

Dynamic image, great mark-making and aerial perspective and feel for the resting water.

I Love It" - Second "Lagoon Low Tide, Lady Elliott Island by Lynette Ansari

Evocative use of mixed media texture with pastel.

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