Master Pastellist Status

Achieve the Status of a Master Pastellist 

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The Pastel Society of Australia  seeks to differentiate between general (“ordinary”) members and those members that have demonstrated a consistently high standard of art in pastel over a significant period of time. These PSA  members are awarded “Master Pastellist” status in recognition of the high level of knowledge and skill in the execution of pastel art. Selection as a Pastel Society of Australia Master Pastellist represents a significant accomplishment and members with this status are held in high esteem both locally and internationally.

Master Pastellists may utilise their position and status in promoting their artwork, both independently and as a member of the Society.

Below please find a short preview of the process to become a Master Pastellist.  More information can be found under the Preparation Guide tab and an application form is available for uploading your images and information needed for assessment.