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Artist profile Jen Harvey

Jen Harvey’s art is inspired by the natural world. Jen paints to connect people with wild animals, working to stir emotions about the majesty and uniqueness of the world’s amazing creatures. She draws from the many times in her own life where she had personal moments with wild animals and wild places, and from her many years living and hiking in the Australian bush. These experiences are part of who she is now, how she feels about the natural world, and how she paints it. 

Jen focuses on the beauty so evident in nature, to remind us to cherish and preserve it. She also wants to share something unique about each animal she paints – a look, a body pattern, a demeanour, a stance or perhaps a vulnerability. To achieve this, she researches her subjects extensively, so she understands each animal’s story – things like anatomical structure, body design, behaviours and mannerisms, habitat and distribution, conservation status and threats.  Unfortunately, Jen can’t travel the globe to gain further knowledge of her subjects, but she partners with those who can. This, along with her natural curiosity, research skills and determination for lifelong learning, afford her ample opportunity to learn everything she can about her precious subjects. This is the basis for planning and executing her pieces.

Jen wants to help preserve wild animals and wild places through her art. She supports a number of wildlife care and conservation organisations through the sale of her art, but Jen also hopes that her art encourages and inspires others to relate in some way to wild animals, and to find a means to help them have a future in our fragile world. Wild animals and wild places are so vitally important in their own right and to the future of us all.

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