Country Members Online Competition Results

The 2016 Country Members Competition Winners

First Prize General Member: Storm Over Yamba by Jenni Johns

This painting is beautifully executed resulting in the WOW factor for impact, drama and beautiful light.  The artist shows a competent use of pastels in drawing reflections and textures in the water as well as executing dramatic light effects in the sky.  The viewer is able to sense the drama of the storm.

Second Prize General Member: Otway Splendour by Marlene Milard

The artist has depicted the tranquility of the rain-forest and its soft, subtle lighting effects. You can feel the density in the moisture laden ferns and follow through to the gum tree landscape behind. The painting is a competent piece of work displaying a sound technical knowledge of the pastel medium.

Highly Commended General Member:
Dharma by Moira Shapcott

This painting is clean in it's execution and the character of the dog comes across in the painting

First Prize Master Pastellist:  Bounty of the Ocean by
Mabs Vandenberg

The artist has shown a lateral thinking choice of subject matter. The luminosity of the pearls is eye-catching with an instantly recognized focal point. The luminosity in the pearls, achieved by a light glazing application of the pastel shows competent and good technical skills in the pastel medium. This is an interesting and beautiful piece of work.

Second Prize Master Pastellist:  Rhodendron by
Anne Yang

This painting is a delightful tonal study with flowing soft edges where the viewer is able to feel the tranquility of the flowers. Soft pastel colors harmonize the painting beautifully

Other Esteemed Entries

General Member Sue Hadenham  "Girl from Savu"

General Member Robin Parker "West MacDonell Ranges"

General Member Mark Lawrence "Pelicans at Moreton"

General Member Glenn MCleod Leaity   "Farmers-Market"

General Member Amy Barnett "Ominous"

General Member Marilyn Murray "Prima-Ballerina"

General Member Una Robinson "Victoria"

  General Member Margie Timings "Maroochy-River-Boat-House"

Master Pastellist Maxine Thompson "Out West in the Wet"

Master Pastellist Karol Oakley "Boona-Boona-Falls"

Master Pastellist Tricia Taylor   "New-Day"

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