Country Online Competition Winners 2020

The 2020 Country Members Competition Winners

First Prize General Member:
Nicola Reif

‘Cherry Harvest’ is an outstanding painting in its craftmanship with empathy and beauty for the subject.
Compositionally strong with a tight diagonal crop into the tree branch and the birds eye drawing our attention in the compositional sweet spot of the top right of the painting.
This artist demonstrates great skill in colour shifts of delicate complimentary opposites.
Also, a strong study of anatomical perspective and foreshortening
Well done.

2nd Prize General Member:
Pauline Adair

The life model is one of the most challenging of subjects for an artist to undertake.
There is great talent required to capture the subtle shifts in the flesh colour and values. Beautifully done here in warms and cools in a predominant analogous range.
Demonstrated skill in capturing the gesture and weight in the lean of the figure.
The artist who created ‘Back Beauty’ has shown an artful understanding of all these technical aspects.

3rd prize General Member:
Hettie Rowley

‘Soon-I-will-be-gone-forever’ captures the imaginative and inventive aspect of art to take the viewer to another level.
The technical aspect of the realism is beautifully painted and becomes a work of art is in the metamorphosis to abstraction. Adding to the complexity of the subject and depth of meaning in the story the artist is telling.

 Highly commended: General Member:  Carole Elliot

An impressive painting skilfully created.
The realism in this painting is woven into an abstract composition that keeps me intrigued. The textures are beautifully painted with evident understanding of the importance of lost and found edges.
Also, a strong understanding of light to create the three-dimensionality of form in the bubbles, heart, and shell.

Commended: General member: 
Cristine De Klerk

‘Royal Blush’ is painted with a beautiful understanding of light.
Well composed, the dark rusted edges in the background juxtapose the delicate foliage of the waratah. Giving depth to the Australian story being created.

First Prize. Master Pastellist:
Maxine Thompson

A good portrait contains three dimensions - the artist, the subject, and the viewer. They all need to tell a story. ‘Long Look’ does exactly that.
The tight crop of the composition keeps the viewers’ attention. We find ourselves peering and wondering into the gaze of this questioning face.
Along with a good concept and composition the artist displays skilled painting quality and understanding of the structure of the face which demonstrates strong drafting ability.

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