About the PSA

PSA Founder Ivy Jeffery

​The Pastel Society of Australia

The Pastel Society of Australia was originally founded in 1985 by John and Ivy Jeffery as The Pastellists Society of Australia.

As there was no Pastel Society on the east coast at that time, it was considered that an Australian-wide Society had a better chance to achieve the ideals they had in mind. These ideals were to promote the Art of Pastel Painting as a serious art form; to have pastel paintings judged in their own right and separately from “works on paper”; to educate the public as to its beauty and permanence and its place in the History of Art; to conduct workshops; to establish scholarships; to hold pastel painting exhibitions; to conduct critiques; to exchange ideas with other Pastel Societies world-wide, and to keep abreast of developments overseas.

The name of the Society was changed to the Pastel Society of Australia on the incorporation of the Society and today the PSA has Members Australia wide and overseas.

Vision of Our Founder

Our founding member’s vision was to promote the art of pastel painting by:

1. Bringing together a group of people with a common interest in the use of pastel as a medium of the fine arts.

2. Conducting pastel workshops for members.

3. Building a reference library.

4. Endeavoring to place before the public in large provincial cities and towns, major and minor exhibitions of pastel paintings during the year.

5. Keeping abreast of any new trends by communicating with art societies in Australia and overseas.

6. Conducting competitions in the pastel medium.

7. Conducting field trips.

8. Leasing or purchasing premises to operate a gallery or studio.

9. Promoting, supporting and protecting the status and interests of pastel artists generally.

In recent years their vision, to a large extent, is becoming a reality, as executives and committees have worked well to implement their ideas and have encouraged the development of members’ talents.

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